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  Evaluation Process 
 (Microsoft Power Platform® Community App Challenge) 


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The actual Submission Dialog for Stage 1 is like this:


The UX for the Judges is work-in-progress and will be published here once available.

Stage 2
Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Stage 2 - Evaluation

24-Oct to 3-Nov

The Evaluation Process is very similar to Stage 1, and the participants will need to adjust their Stage 1 self-evaluation to reflect their solution created for Stage 2.

All 10 entries in Stage 2 will be verified through a 30-minute online meeting. The 3 groups of Judges applies here too, if the participants' regions, requires it so.

After verification, the top 5 scores will be qualified for Stage 3.

Stage 3

Stage 3 - Final Evaluation

12-Dec to 20-Dec

This process is repeated one more time the same way.

All 5 entries in Stage 3 are verified via a 1-hour online meeting.

The meetings would be attended by all the Judges that can be present.

There will be another 1-hour internal meeting by the Panel to decide the Winner and Runner-Up.

The final results will be published on 22-Dec-2022.

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