AgileXRM Components

Process Designer 


  • Comprehensive and visual Process Designer

  • End-to-end business process design: Full data life-cycle management inside Dynamics 365/CRM

  • Activity-based Forms

  • Validate the business logic before publishing

  • Simulation. Detect bottlenecks proactively

  • Zero down-time deploying new versions of processes

  • Full Multi-Version Control

  • Model to easily interact with external users

  • Drag & Drop system activities to integrate with 45+ external systems: Office365, SharePoint, DBs, WS, etc.

  • Extensive Workflow patterns supported to cater for more business use cases, many out-of-the-box

  • Multiple Notification mechanisms to make sure users are duly reminded of their tasks

  • Create escalation routes when tasks become overdue

  • Existing Dynamics 365/CRM Workflows are reusable within the processes

  • Integrates with ALM tools

  • ... OOTB not enough? No worries, It is extensible


AgileDialogs: Turbocharged Dialogs

  • Contact-center grade Dialogs

  • Standalone or embeddable in Dynamics 365/CRM or Custom portal

  • Dynamic UI guided by process models

  • Create and deploy with no compilation

  • Consume business data in and out of different systems: integrate seamlessly with Dynamics 365/CRM

  • Support for Unified Service Desk (USD)

  • Full track history and versioning

  • Comprehensive Dialogs

    •  Dialog Page steps: for user interaction

    •  Automatic System steps: for system interaction

  • Single-Page-Application (SPA)

    •  Navigating around pages

      •  Next & Back, History, Option buttons

    • Responsive Layout Design for Multi-Device support

  •  Session Persistence

    •  Sessions can be transferred to another user

    •  Session can resume after unexpected errors -e.g. if the browser closes unexpectedly, the session resumes in the same point when the browser reopens. 

  • Rich Set of Controls 

    • Text, Password, Date Time, File Upload, Tip-Help controls

    • Validation associated to control, Conditional Behavior

    • Custom UI controls to extend the way data is captured and/or presented

    • Custom UI Logic using Built-In API

  • Flexible Selection of Dynamic Data

    • OptionSet & Dynamic Filtered LookUps

    • Single & Multiple selection, Drop-down, Radio button, Check-boxes, Data Grid, List, LookUp List

  • Flow Control

    • Elements in the Flow include: Single Condition, Multiple Condition, Nested SubDialogs

  • Synchronous & Asynchronous External System Calls

  • Theming & Branding

  • Localization & Globalization for Multi-Language and Multi-Region support

  • Section 508 Accesibility Support


Process Manager

  • Real-Time Visual Tracking of process execution 

    • Who has done which tasks

    • How long each activity takes to complete

    • What path the process has taken

    • See status of each task

    • View/Change process data

    • Navigate in the process hierarchy

  • Control Flow: when required, it is possible to jump back or forth within a process instance, stop and resume it, and always maintaining full traceability.

  • In-flight process migration: AgileXRM can run multiple versions of the same process at the same time and Process Manager can migrate a running process instance, or a selection of instances, from one version to another. 

  • Process Manager can run standalone or embeded within Dynamics 365/CRM and gives full process control to the user, assuming the necessary permissions are granted

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