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AgileXRM Release Notes 7.0.21097.2060

New Enhancements & Fixes

There is a new version of AgileXRM available and here is a list of the new enhancements and fixes included in it:

Dataverse Integration


  • SLA fields added to AgileXRM Process entity The fields Expected Duration and SLA Warning Level (value in %) are added and updated automatically based on values in Process Template settings

  • Add ExceptionHandlerBehavior property to WaitForEvent shape The WaitForEvent shape could fail when executing the underlying query. Previously, if the query threw an exception, then the process continued. As a Modeler you can now configure this behavior, to specify if process should or should not continue on error.

  • Turn Off Sharing Entity Records by Default Previously, when a Process Instance record was created, the record was automatically shared with the Process Initiator (if different from Process Owner). This caused the POA table to grow too much in high volume environments. By default it is now turned off. If needed, the Plugin can be re-enabled from AgileXRM Configuration window using the provided checkbox.

  • Better adapt embedded heights of AgileDialogs and Process Manager sections

  • Add German Localization

  • Update Dynamics 365 SDK to


  • When opening a link to a Dataverse Activity that contained an AgileXRM Page or dialog, it was not authenticating correctly the very first time

  • Update enabled entities/activities function in AgileXRM Configuration was not creating new fields or registering new Plugins steps

  • Starting an AgileDialog from the Ribbon failed when special characters were used in the Template name

  • Multi-SubProcess Shape threw exception at runtime when running old versions of a Template



  • Support Start Page Previously, in order to show the first page of a dialog, a process instance would need to be created. Many times users decide not to continue after seeing the first page. This caused superfluous information being stored and a need for corresponding cleanup. With Start Page, the process instance is only created after the Next button is clicked.

  • Reorganize Page Editor layout

  • Add Sliders to manage ColumnSpan and ColumnWidth Property of control

  • Add Ordering functionality to FetchXML Editor

  • Change Page Form Import/Export functionality to use the Clipboard (instead of filesystem)

  • Make typing ${ in control caption to pop-up the ProcessContext window

  • IFRAME control to support DialogsEngine.register and DialogsEngine.setSelectedValue APIs

  • Add REST as data source to various controls

  • Add DialogsEngine.saveDialogContext API to allow saving dialog page data explicitly Previously, only through the “Next” action you would save the page data

  • Improve dialogs on mobile form-factor (Responsive)

  • Disable browser autocomplete functionality in Lookup controls

  • Stop storing Display variable for Info Controls

  • Improve Script Editor

  • Add German Localization


  • Breaking change: Datetime values were not correctly formatted in certain circumstances. The AgileXRM Server should now be in Universal Coordinated Time timezone. Also the AgileXRM Service Account User in Dataverse should be in the UTC timezone.

  • History view was showing decimal places “2” instead of currency symbol in Currency controls. This does not fix previous History entries, only new ones.

  • XRMGrid controls that contained quotes (“) were not saved correctly in History

  • XRMGrid control was showing “NaN” for empty datetime fields

  • XRMGrid control selection of row was failing if apostrophe (‘) character was present in the row

  • New controls were being marked as invalid

  • Search control did not map values correctly when destination was a Currency control

  • Watermark property of Text Control did not work if it included characters like backslash (\) or quotes (“)

  • The backslash (\) character in XRM DataGrid DataValue Property was causing dialog to crash

  • File control was not triggering change event properly after first time

  • Calendar control was showing time even though it was configured as DateOnly

  • Error message info was not showing correctly for controls placed on the right edge of the screen

  • Datetime controls were not rendering correctly (overlapping) in narrow screens

  • Checkbox control Validation message was overlapping checkboxes not allowing user to change selection

  • Final message shown when dialog is finished was not encoded correctly 

  • Combo controls set to ReadOnly was still showing “-Select option-“

  • Setting a ReadOnly control to Required via API was not making the control editable

  • Numeric Control’s Type property was empty by default

Process Manager


  • Add German Localization


  • Subprocess activity details was showing the same Start Date for every session

  • Subprocess Instance name was not being shown

  • Activity status icon was not positioned correctly for very wide process templates

  • Activity error icon was not being replaced if fixed in the following session

  • Could not migrate Process Instance if Activity was Suspended (but Process was Running)

  • Change Flow was not working straight after a Migrate action

  • The hand icon depicting Wait All Incoming was not being shown correctly in some circumstances

  • Suspended Process Instance was not showing an error icon

  • Sometimes migrating a Process Instance threw a “request entity too large” error

  • Cancelling a Process Instance whose parent was a dialog was not getting Cancelled

  • The Save Context XML button was only appearing after hitting Refresh and it then saved two files instead just one

Process Modeler


  • Consolidate all relevant icons to one AgileXRM Ribbon

  • Enable dropping a Shape on a Connector for simpler modelling experience

  • Add swim-lanes to templates

  • Add TextBlock tool to Ribbon to allow moving text of a shape

  • Add Subject and Activity Properties to External shapes

  • Improve variable search functionality in ProcessContext window

  • Allow to use TeamID as Team Participant for Manual Activities

  • Improve Environment Explorer to allow filtering processes

  • Add a confirmation step for the Delete action in Environment Explorer

  • Improve Environment Explorer to identify Processes versus Dialogs in the tree using icons

  • Add Quick Config links to many shapes to easier reach the main config window

  • Allow using dynamic SharePoint URLs in Attach, Detach and Word shapes

  • Move Async property for all XRM shapes to Advanced property group

  • Add German Localization


  • Process selector in subprocess activity was not showing ChildOnly process templates

  • REST activity was not allowing TEXT as value in accept field

  • Shapes that had Participants when dropped directly on Swimlane were losing Participant

  • Changing Swimlane Title was changing Process Name and vice versa

  • Table-type fields were not being shown in Bold in the Word Shape’s Fields listbox

  • ProcessContext window was not showing in activity Participant window’s Team drop-down control

  • If Team Participant was set to a custom attribute, the configuration was lost upon re-editing

  • Multi-Subprocess shape was not showing the QueryExpression editor correctly

  • REST Payload editor was not showing any error messages when it contained an invalid JSON value


  • Runtime Security Context was being cached for a Process Template that was set to Process Initiator

  • XRM Search activity to return 0 in ResultCount when no records found

  • XRM Search activity was returning DateOnly fields in UTC

  • Attach/Detach shapes’ Override option was failing

  • Skip License checking for AgileXRM Application User in Dataverse

  • Includes NX v7.0, Software Update 2, Cumulative Update 6  (See Release Notes)

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