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A consistent and intuitive wizard-like UI that guides complex interactions for both internal and external users.

Create Dialogs, define validation and rules, with an extensible visual tool

An AgileDialog embedded in Power Apps (click to expand)

Embed in Portals or Power Apps

Automatic system steps supported

Point-In-Time /

Full Audit


Custom UI Controls and Logic

Flow Control with Conditions

Dynamic UI guided by a model

No-Code publishing

Responsive design and multi-device

Theming & Branding customizable

Synchronous & Asynchronous  System calls

Business data from different systems




Custom Validation and Rules

Multilingual with RTL support for Localization

Accessible support.

Section 508

Process-Driven Forms

Complex user interactions are tackled with dynamic Dialogs that show the next action based on the previous inputs

  • A process model behind every AgileDialog

  • Includes branching logic and rules that control the flow of the Pages shown to complete the action at hand

  • Shows the exact contextual data needed by the user and ensures the input is validated

  • Data sources can be anywhere in Dataverse or in external systems

  • Customizable themes for branding

  • Responsive UI for any device

AgileDialog in execution paired with its running process

Any User can Interact with the Business

Potentially, any user should be able to interact with or participate in a Business App

  • AgileDialogs provides mechanisms to facilitate the interaction with a given Business App or Process not only to Internal Users, but also to External Users, inside or outside the organization, and even to Anonymous Users

Internal, External and Anonymous users

Customize by Configuration

Facilitating all user interactions with the organization improves the outcome

  • AgileDialogs offers a full set of functionality to cater all customization needs:

    • Mobile-Ready and Responsive

    • Accessibility

    • Language Localization and RTL support

    • Theming & Branding

Example of Localization in the same AgileDialog

AgileDialogs Customizations
White Structure

Start Using AgileXRM

Drive Enterprise Innovation with Ease: AgileXRM's Dialogs and BPM capabilities on Microsoft platforms deliver powerful, complex business applications effortlessly, all achieved with Low-Code simplicity

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