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Guided Processes for anyone


"​A synchronous interaction between two or more participants –systems and/or people- where the result of every interaction defines the context for the next one according to a predefined selection structure"​


If you use instructions...

  • to help a user carry out a difficult task

  • to configure something not trivial

  • to fill a complex Form

  • to create self-help for your customers on your web sites 
    including initiating and interacting with your business processes

  • to script "everything" for your Contact Center agents
    including for cold-calling campaigns
    or for cross-selling to your customer base 

...then, all you need to make it easy is use AgileDialogs

AgileDialogs:  Because Human Performance Matters


Training Requirements

Minimize Procedural



Consistent Execution

Increase Operational


A consistent and intuitive UI to guide the user through complex processes


An AgileDialog is a visually designed model comprising of a set of UI steps (Page Forms) and optionally, automatic system steps. The interface presents data and questions to an end-user to inform and/or get input from the end-user. The flow is modeled using MS Visio.


AgileDialogs can be used for many purposes, for example:


  • Self-help guides

  • Troubleshooting wizards

  • Call Scripts in Call Centers

  • Help users fill out complex forms

  • Create Surveys

  • Create Tests & Exams


AgileDialogs can be executed standalone, meaning the dialog is not part of an AgileXRM process, or they could be part of a business process, that is, the execution of the dialog is a task assigned to an end-user.


From the end-user’s perspective, a dialog is a set of questions that he/she must answer in order to perform a task. Within the dialog, the user can go forward or backward in order to fulfill the required task.

Model, Configure & Execute any Dialog as a Process 
  • Dynamic Dialogs are web-based and configurable by the user

  • “Create and deploy” with no compilation

  • Dialogs get contextual data in and out different systems: combine and integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Power Platform

  • Every Dialog is part of a visual Process with full track history and versioning

Open to Intranet


Internet  Users





Connect to

Dataverse (CDS)



(CDS) data

Build complex

Dialogs directly in

MS Visio

Building an AgileDialog from scratch ...