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AgileXRM Demo: Resource Request App 


This demo showcases the integration of AgileXRM with the Microsoft Power Platform® to manage employee resource requests within a model-driven application. It covers the end-user experience from request submission using and AgileDialog, to Manager's approval, rejection, and delivery tracking.

New business requirements are included with the AgileXRM Process Modeler and a new version is deployed to production with no-code generation nor system downtime. This new version includes escalation timers, integration of a Microsoft Power Automate® flow and Microsoft Teams® notifications.

Lastly, with AgileXRM Process Manager a running Request is migrated to the new version, and it also shows how to change the process flow to respond to exceptions.  

AgileXRM Demo: Resource Request App    [25:16]
Business Apps Made Easy                              [2:19]

AgileXRM Business Apps Made Easy


Digital transformation is a journey aided by technology to streamline processes. Microsoft's Power Platform offers a comprehensive set of tools for building custom apps that cater to various business requirements. However, complex business processes often require additional add-on tools like AgileXRM.

AgileXRM is a low-code business process management solution that leverages Microsoft Visio to model and configure intricate processes and deploys them to the Power Platform or Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. It offers features such as visual monitoring and powerful dialogs to guide users through complex processes.

Unlock the Power of Power Apps                     [1:54]

Unlock the Power of Microsoft Power Apps


Unlock the potential of low-code platforms with process-driven capabilities and mass customization options.

Use Microsoft Visio as a process modeler and leverage features like parallel actions, automatic version control, and dynamic forms for enhanced functionality.

AgileXRM for Power Apps offers seamless integration and empowers you to build and manage enterprise-class apps on top of the Microsoft stack.


With AgileXRM, you can model, execute, monitor, and manage process-driven apps within Microsoft Dataverse, achieving more with less. Streamline development, reduce costs, minimize project risks, and deliver strategic solutions.

What's the value of AgileXRM for You?


AgileXRM is a valuable addition for newcomers to Power Platform, enabling the creation of low-code, no-code model-driven process apps. It eliminates the need for complex coding by utilizing Microsoft Visio for visually configuring business processes and user interfaces. With AgileXRM, anyone can easily create clean and complex process apps without extensive Dataverse customization knowledge.

For existing Power Platform users, AgileXRM expands capabilities without requiring advanced Dataverse expertise. It overcomes implementation challenges and supports further app development.

Experienced Power Platform users benefit from AgileXRM by accurately capturing business process requirements, reducing costs, simplifying troubleshooting, and facilitating improvement changes. AgileXRM handles high volumes and critical processes, making it reliable for organizations with millions of process instances per month.

What's the Value of AgileXRM for You?           [3:45]
How AgileXRM complements Power Platform   [3:44]

How AgileXRM complements Power Platform


Microsoft Power Platform is already amazing, and AgileXRM takes it to the next level by offering guided dialogs and visual business process management.


Power Automate focuses on system-to-system process automation, while AgileXRM specializes in end-to-end visual business process management and front-end guided dialogs. Guided dialogs, created in Microsoft Visio, enable users to interactively navigate through complex business logic with ease using low-code to no-code development. Visual business process management allows users to monitor, manage, and make changes to processes visually, ensuring transparency, adaptability and simplifying the implementation process, making it accessible even to citizen developers.

Ready to experience the benefits of AgileXRM? Reach out to us for a trial.
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