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AgileXRM compared to
other BPM products

    AgileXRM                Other BPM Products

AgileXRM is a Low-Code/No-Code BPM module developed specifically for Power Platform/ Dataverse 

Fully integrated with and embedded in Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse, including Process Models, Process Permissions, Process Instances, Process Exceptions and Tasks

Single Data Source. The Data Model and business data reside in Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse, and not in AgileXRM

AgileDialogs is unique in the market and allows modeling complex interactions with any internal or external user

Uses Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse native Activities. The user does not have to leave the Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse app to work on the activities. When a task is completed, reassigned or cancelled, the process is automatically aware of it

Users with the right permissions can graphically View, Cancel, Suspend, Resume, Change Flow (jump from one step to another step) and even Migrate a running process directly from inside D365CE/Dataverse

Unified Security model. All data access in forms and Dialogs is based on the native Security Role of the user, as defined in Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse

Processes and Dialogs are modeled against the D365CE/Dataverse metadata greatly simplifying design-time experience

Specific Connector available for Power Automate to allow easy-to-configure bi-directional communication between the AgileXRM and Power Automate with full error handling if a Flow fails

Product Focus



Business Data




Task Management

Runtime Process Management

Integrated Security

Design-Time Experience

Power Automate

Generic standalone BPM suite of products that are not designed specifically for Power Platform/Dataverse

Have a simple CRUD connector for Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse. The elements: Process Models, Instances, Permissions, Tasks etc. reside in and are all accessed from their proprietary web portals


The Data Model usually has to be recreated in these products as well and the business data also resides/replicated in them

No such functionality exists in any other BPM product

User must use the BPM product’s proprietary Task List and Forms to access and complete tasks. No synchronization with Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse activities


Mostly there is no runtime functionality to handle business exception handling.  Typically, can only view status of a running process from the proprietary portal or Cancel it

Dual Security model. These products have a separate security model to that of Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse with no synchronization

Typically, processes are designed against the product’s internal data model and not against the Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse metadata. Specific steps are needed to read data from and write data to Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse

Most lack a custom Connector for Power Automate. Typically use HTTP trigger in Flow and make a HTTP call from their BPM tool which is not aware if a Flow fails mid-way

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