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AgileXRM Complements Microsoft Power Automate

    AgileXRM                   Power Automate

AgileXRM is a Low-Code/No-Code Business Process Management module, developed specifically for Power Platform/ Dataverse for Human-to-System processes

Microsoft Visio-based WYSIWYG modeling tool allowing to richly express business processes in a way understandable by business users. Caters for extremely complex workflow patterns in a simple way

Users with the right permissions can graphically View, Cancel, Suspend, Resume, Change Flow (jump from one step to another step) and even Migrate a running process directly from inside Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse

AgileDialogs is unique in the market and allows modeling complex interactions with any internal or external user in a wizard-like guided manner

Uses Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse native Activities. The user does not have to leave the Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse app to work on the activities. When a task is completed, reassigned or cancelled, the process is automatically aware of it

Connectors for SharePoint, Power Automate and REST Services

Running instances are Suspended if exception occurs, but Process Model is available for new instances (i.e. not turned off). After issue is fixed, suspended process instances can Resume where left off

No limit to the number of running processes nor the length of time. And no time limit for keeping the history of a completed process

Uses Power Automate RPA whenever needed

Product Focus





Process Runtime Management



Task Management


for External


Fault Tolerance

Long-Running Processes


A powerful Business Process Automation tool, more suited for system-to-system automation



Web-based, for modeling sequential set of steps. Branching is supported but the flow diagrams become very hard to understand if many branches. Caters for simpler workflow patterns

The Runs are not readily visible directly in Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse in the context of the record. The only runtime functionality is Cancel

No such functionality

Has certain Approvals steps  but surfaced outside Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse. No native Power Apps or D365CE/Dataverse activities management

Has more than 1000 Connectors (and growing) available to connect to a myriad of external systems

Flows with many Runs with errors are turned off and no further Runs will occur. Flows not used for more than 60-days are also turned off automatically (with certain licenses)

Runs are cancelled after 30-days. Run history is cleared also after 30 days from start of the Run

Very powerful and easy-to-configure RPA (Desktop Flows)

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