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Customer Value


Connect to External

Easily perform 
Continuous Process Improvement

Open up your data to outsiders who play a part in your business processes

Simply deploy the new model and have running processes migrate to the new definition

Dynamically Change Process Flow

Leverage Existing Technologies

When unforeseen situations occur:

Rework, Reassign, Rollback, Cancel, Suspend, etc.

making it Future-proof with an unhindered migration path

Multiply your ROI in Microsoft

Power Platform

AgileXRM drastically reduces Time-to-Market which means lower cost and  risks, improves reusability and delivers better and faster solutions that can evolve with the business, by the business, and at the speed the organization requires

AgileXRM: Competitive Advantage for Microsoft Power Platform

Turn Complexity into Elegant Simplicity
  • The model is the application: “WYSIWYG model execution”

  • No code generation: Instant deployment

  • Ample support for Workflow patterns

  • Exception management and full traceability

  • Process Multiversion at Run-time

  • Uses Dataverse (CDS) Security Model

  • Low Resource Footprint and Highly Scalable

  • Unified Activity List

  • Single Sign-on

  • Seamless integration with Power Platform

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous processes

  • Unified Service Desk Integration

  • Multi-device

The approach to building applications with AgileXRM reduces the development time and frees more time to devote to the definition of the customer's business logic, achieving deeper scope and more apps.


Maximize Personalization

Visually explicit processes, forms and dialogs with rich functionality using "drag & drop"

Business solutions for better performance

  • How to make sure users are following correctly the business processes and avoid data quality degradation over time?

  • How to make these business processes explicit, understandable, end-to-end and visual and not “hidden” underneath, so that everyone reads off the same page?

  • How to make changing these processes so simple as to promote continuous change and improvement, rather than dreading costly Change Management cycles and deployments?

  • How to make sure that the processes have the flexibility to cover foreseen and unforeseen situations within them, and that the users can take actions at runtime without breaking the business process or having to manage those situations “outside” the app?

  • How to present just the right amount of information that users need for completing their tasks within the processes, without resorting to complex UI customization?

  • How to give access to external users so that they can be involved in the business processes, without costly UI development?

  • How to guide new or infrequent users step-by-step, to enter information or take necessary actions, and how to maintain these guides up-to-date as business evolves?

AgileXRM:  Has the answers that matter to your organization!
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