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Build Enterprise Apps in Microsoft Power Platform without the hassle

Build Apps faster and change them easily as your Business Requirements change

AgileXRM  brings true Business Process Management and Dialogs to the Microsoft Power Platform/ Dataverse (CDS) delivering on its Low-Code promise

  • Visual Modelling, Configuration and Deployment of Processes and Dialogs

  • Powerful Dialogs (Scripting) for guiding a user through a complex process without having previous know-how

  • Visual Monitoring of status of processes

  • Allow users to manage unforeseen situations in the process at run-time

  • Citizen Developers can "configure" without the need to write code in Plugins, Form javascript, WF Custom Activities, Actions etc.

What AgileXRM Provides
Process Designer
  • Create processes and dialogs visually 

  • Model & configure complete end-to-end Business Processes without any code

  • Easily interact with all users on any device

  • Instantly connect to external systems and applications

Process Manager
  • Full control and tracking of process execution

  • Manage unforeseen scenarios in-flight:

    • Skip to any step

    • Rework steps

    • Migrate to different process model

    • Suspend / Resume execution

  • Run multiple process versions simultaneously with full version control


  • Contact-center grade scripting

  • Responsive design. Ready for any device

  • Consumable by any user (including B2C or anonymous)

  • Model-driven scripting 

  • Embed dialogs in any external portal or application

  • Every dialog is part of a visual process with full track history and versioning

  • Includes API, when rarely needed

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