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Build Enterprise Apps in Microsoft Power Platform® and Microsoft Dynamics 365® with AgileXRM

AgileXRM  brings true Business Process Management and Dialogs to Microsoft Dataverse delivering on its Low-Code promise

Bring Business and Build-team together with Agile delivery

Deliver mission-critical Apps that Business demands

Adapt to change and improve processes over time

Avoid over-customization and complexity

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AgileXRM Components

Process Modeler icon

Process Modeler

WYSIWYG Visio-based Low-Code tool to Model, Configure and Deploy Processes and Dialogs

AgileDialogs icon


Wizard-like guided user interaction for both internal and external users

Process Manager icon

Process Manager

Full process control beyond just Cancel or Re-Run, including in-flight Model Migration and Change Flow

Process Modeler
Process Modeler icon

Process Modeler

Create Processes and Dialogs with drag & drop

Automatic Process Logic Validation before Publish

Include Reminders and automatic Escalations 

Model & Configure while connected to Dataverse metadata

zero-downtime Deployment

Auto-document your Business logic

AgileDialogs icon


User interactions driven by a Process Model

Responsive design, Mobile-enabled and Accessible

Embed in Model-Driven Apps or Web Portals

Multilingual with RTL support and customizable Theme   .

Dialogs for internal employees, external parties and anonymous

Full History and Audit Trail capturing Point-in-Time data

AgileDialogs for Power Apps snapshot
Process Manager snapshot
Process Manager icon

Process Manager

Full control and tracking of process execution

  • Control SLAs

  • Monitor KPIs

Run multiple process versions simultaneously with full version control

Manage unforeseen scenarios in-flight:

  • Skip to any step

  • Rework steps

  • Migrate to different process model

  • Suspend / Resume execution


Start Using AgileXRM:

Drive Enterprise Innovation with Ease: AgileXRM's Dialogs and BPM capabilities on Microsoft platforms deliver powerful, mission-critical business applications effortlessly, all achieved with Low-Code simplicity

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