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The Critical Importance of AgileXRM for Project Success

AgileXRM is the only Low-Code Dialogs and BPM add-on for Microsoft Power Platform®

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Organizations achieve maximum efficiency, accuracy, and agility, investing in a dedicated BPM software that can handle even the most complex and mission-critical business processes.

To take your business operations to the next level and stay ahead of the competition with AgileXRM, the only Low-Code Dialogs and BPM for Microsoft Power Platform®.

Floating Solar Panels

Business Critical processes for the daily operation of a Utility company

Key metrics: 15 million critical process runs per month and more than 300 process models deployed

Increasing Efficiency and Governance of Business Critical processes with End-to-End Process Management

A Utility company faced challenges in automating and managing its order and delivery processes for a new intelligent thermostat to more than 2 million customers, due to the integration of Dynamics 365/CE. Once an order was placed, several processes kicked in, starting from tracking customer data for each new order, to directing external supply chain partners for the delivery of the thermostat.


The solution was to include AgileXRM as its BPM engine and set up a fusion team consisting of developers, process experts, testers, and business experts. The team leveraged AgileXRM’s visual process modeling tool to quickly configure the new app’s integration with Dynamics 365/CE and automate the entire process.


AgileXRM simplified work processes while allowing non-Dynamics users to gain insight into the processes. This increased process automation and application development velocity while maintaining enterprise-level governance through fine-grained permission control and security controls.

The collaboration between business and IT allowed for easy error detection and improvement, which was not hidden in the code, providing a significant benefit.

Canary Wharf London

A major Spanish bank with hundreds of branches, faced this exact challenge. In a tough economic climate, they needed to streamline campaign creation, collaboration, and measurement – all while reducing costs.

See how AgileXRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM helped them achieve:

  • Reduced campaign execution time and improved team collaboration

  • Increased efficiency with automated workflows

  • Gained real-time performance data to optimize campaigns

  • Improved visibility into campaign progress across all branches

Read the case study to learn how AgileXRM can help your organization achieve more with less.

Key metrics: More than 100 processes and activities modeled, more than 50 forms and dialogs created in 6 weeks of development and deployment

Struggling to manage complex processes with tight budgets?


Do you still sign-off Business Requirements dreading if they are right?

AgileXRM's evolutive flexibility was used for automating credit card fraud claims. The bank was able to run an initial version of the documented process in days and improve it with user feedback. In just four weeks, they had a solution that matched the desired business process. Much of the improvements were not in the original docs but came from real-life usage of the solution from the end-users themselves.

Key metric: 32 versions of a process model created to cater for customer requirements in less than 4 weeks of development and evolution of the process model
Geometric Architecture

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