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Process Modeler

WYSIWYG Visio®-based Low-Code tool to Model, Configure and Deploy Processes and Dialogs

The Process Modeler tool in action creating a new Process from scratch

Visio®-based visual Process Modeler

Zero-downtime Deploying new versions

All business

use cases supported

Integrates with DevOps

End-to-End Business Process Design

Model to interact with External users

Reminders and Notifications mechanisms

Extensible tool if ever required

Validate Logic before


Activities to integrate with external systems

Escalation routes for Overdue Tasks

Explicit Process Models:


A comprehensive process model provides full information on the way a company wants to run its business

  • Business processes modeled are understandable by business users

  • Using Microsoft Visio® with access to Dataverse metadata at design time

  • Validation and deployment are done in real-time with no-code generation

  • What You Model is What You Run

AgileXRM Process Modeler snapshot

Any User can Interact with the Business

Potentially, any user should be able to interact with or participate in a Business App

  • AgileXRM provides mechanisms to facilitate the interaction with a given Business App or Process not only to Internal Users, but also to External Users, inside or outside the organization, and even to Anonymous Users

Processes can involve internal, external or anonymous participants

Easy Adaptation

to Changes

Processes are prone to change due to the need to include new requirements or improvements

  • New rules, activities and/or participants are easily added and configured keeping the Model Low-Code/No-Code facilitating the inclusion of changes

  • No need to worry about existing running stuff when new changes are deployed. It is multi-version and allows migrating, if needed

Evolution of a Process Model over time to cover beyond the Happy-Path

White Structure

Start Using AgileXRM

Drive Enterprise Innovation with Ease: AgileXRM's Dialogs and BPM capabilities on Microsoft platforms deliver powerful, complex business applications fluently, all achieved with Low-Code simplicity

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