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Process Manager

AgileXRM's Process Control Console.
Full process control beyond just Cancel or Re-Run, including in-flight Model Migration and Change Flow

Process data and Business data are available for dashboards 

Real-Time Visual Tracking of process execution:

  • Who has done which tasks

  • How long each activity takes to complete

  • What path the process has taken

  • See status of each task

  • View/Change process data

  • Navigate in the process hierarchy

Process Model Migration: Run multiple versions at the same time and Migrate a running Process Models from one version to another

Change Flow with full Traceability when required, it is possible to jump back or forth within a running process, stop and resume it

Embedded in Microsoft Power Platform® and gives full Process control to the user who has the right permissions

Knowing What’s Going On

The core of a BPM engine is to provide real-time information of Who has to do What, When and How, and if achieving milestones or timelines are at risk, activate alarms, reminders, or re-assignments to avoid missing deadlines, deviation to targets or prevent work from stopping

  • AgileXRM provides a comprehensive collection of artifacts and features to facilitate that any business process definition includes all needed mechanisms to ensure the necessary control. Time-alarms, reminder notifications, automatic completions or re-assignments when given conditions are met, etc.

AgileXRM running process

Activity Audit and

Full Traceability

Most businesses require a certain level of process auditing and data traceability to ensure regulations and policies are met

  • AgileXRM can enable different levels of activity tracking to automate the recording of who did what, when, and how, and for all sessions in each running process

AgileXRM Process Audit

Version Control

A Process or App may change to a new Version and the running processes of a previous Version can be managed as Business demands

  • Different Versions of the same App/ Process can run simultaneously

  • By default, running processes of previous Versions will continue running on that Version. New processes will start using the latest Version

  • Zero-downtime for deployment of new Versions of processes

AgileXRM process version control

Handle Exceptions to the Happy-Path

When business needs to override the defined process or when something goes wrong

  • Change Flow function: Role based permissions allow the user to jump back or forth within a running process. Audit tracking provides evidence of the change

  • Fix the underlying issue and just resume the process

Migration of Running Instances

  • The Process Manager tool allows to suspend a running process and migrate it to a different Version and resume it. The process will continue running on the new Version

  • Migration can also be executed in bulk

  • Migration can be done in real-time

A new Process Version includes new improvements and/or requirements that the Business wants to apply to running processes of a previous Version

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Start Using AgileXRM

Drive Enterprise Innovation with Ease: AgileXRM's Dialogs and BPM capabilities on Microsoft platforms deliver powerful, complex business applications effortlessly, all achieved with low-code simplicity.

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