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AgileXRM is the perfect solution for overcoming Power Platform project challenges resulting in successful project delivery


Solving the Challenges of Power Platform® and Dynamics 365® projects with AgileXRM

Build Teams often face challenges when working on Power Platform projects, such as adapting to changes in business requirements, ensuring flexibility in Power Apps, and maintaining resilient execution. Additionally, Data Stewards may have concerns about the longevity of processes in Power Automate and how the platform responds to unexpected situations.

  • Q.: How can be added additional User licenses or other components from a base Edition?
    A.: At any time, a Customer can acquire additional Licenses (within the limits of the Edition) for an existing Subscription by submitting the request to AgileXRM. The new additions will result in an updated Subscription fee.
  • Q. What are the differences between the SMB and the Enterprise Editions?
    A.: The SMB (Small & Medium Business) Edition is aimed for organizations of up to 250 employees. The starting pack includes 1 production server, 1 non-production server and up to 50 Named Users and 1 Process Modeler. A user that creates Processes uses a Process Modeler license and also counts as a User. The SMB Edition is limited to 1 production server, so High Availability is not available. It can include other items such as Named Users, Process Modelers, External Connector for unlimited external users, and additional non-production servers. The Enterprise Edition is designed to suit all growth needs regardless the size of the organization. The starting pack includes 1 production server, 1 non-production server licenses and up to 100 Named Users and 1 Process Modeler. The Customer has the option to include External Connector for unlimited external users, the Archiving Connector for managing historical data to keep the operational database light, and add any number of additional Named Users or Process Modelers. This Edition offers the possibility of moving to a CPU-Core-based Licensing for Unlimited users (so not worry about number of Named Users). It also has the High Availability option. At any time within an active Subscription, the Customer can upgrade to the higher Edition.
  • Q.: Does AgileXRM include Microsoft licenses?
    A.: No. The AgileXRM licenses do not include any Microsoft license. Each AgileXRM Process Named User requires the corresponding Microsoft Dataverse license. Currently, the Dataverse licenses are available thru Microsoft Power Apps Premium and Microsoft Dynamics 365/CE plans. Each AgileXRM Process Modeler also requires a Microsoft Visio Plan 2 license.
  • Q.: What User types are licensed in AgileXRM?
    A.: There are 3 User types in AgileXRM: Process Named User: Each company user that interacts with the business process needs this license. In the case of the Enterprise Edition, there is an option for unlimited Process Named Users. Process Modeler: Only required by the DEV build team (and not end users). External User: Users that are external to the company but are involved in the business processes, can be enabled with the AgileXRM External Connector License. This connector also enables Anonymous users.
  • Q.: Is it possible to change the User of an AgileXRM User License?
    A.: Yes. An AgileXRM Named User or Modeler License is allocated to an individual user based on a monthly commitment. Hence, a minimum of 30 days must elapse before it can be transferred to a different user.
  • How does Power Platform respond to the Unexpected?
    A service claim process gets stuck because the claimant is no longer a customer -and that was not an event defined in the initial running process-. In AgileXRM when an unexpected event affects to the execution of a process an alternative route is set: Role based permissions allow the user to define a subprocess to handle the new event and to complete all needed activities. The subprocess is then connected to the main process with a new version and the instance is resumed to consume the new subprocess.
  • How long can live your processes in Power Automate… and if the Process changes, what happens to the ones that are running?
    An online process to buy your theatre tickets may last a minute. Building an airplane is far more complex and may take a couple of years to complete. Can your platform cope with both, short and long term processes? In a Court of Appeals, there are processes that may last more than a year. Meanwhile there are laws that may change but are not applied retroactively while others may apply as approved. How could the automated live processes ensure to keep up with the corresponding law changes? AgileXRM handles all process durations, from seconds to years. AgileXRM can run different versions of the same process allowing to chose whether new versions shall apply to existing running processes or not.
  • How Flexible means Flexible in Power Apps?
    Flexibility is a critical characteristic of Enterprise process apps as it allows organizations to quickly adapt to changes in business requirements and processes. By having a flexible enterprise process application, organizations can respond quickly to new requirements, reducing the time and effort required to incorporate changes and minimizing the impact on business operations. Low-Code development, Modular design, Configurability and Collaboration features are well served in Power Apps BUT it fells short on managing new requirements or changes without risking the Low-Code deployment. ​ A retail bank launched a students’ loan campaign. 2 weeks after, a new regulation sets the maximum interest applicable to this product and it’s lower that the one offered by the bank. Thousands of requests were already initiated thru the bank’s website. The process is managed by AgileXRM so a new version is set to apply the regulation and the existing requests are easily re-evaluated to apply the new applicable conditions migrating them to the new process version. What could be done with Power Apps only and how long would it take?
  • Do you still sign Business Requirements in stone?
    AgileXRM is a flexible solution for automating credit card fraud claims. The bank was able to run an initial version of the process in days and improve it with user feedback. In just four weeks, they had a version matched the desired business process. Version changes are fully auditable and traceable.
  • How do Power Apps/ Power Automate cope with Change?
    Power Automate has limitations on modifying settings after they've been made, Power Apps can disrupt forms and connected data/apps, and potentially lead to errors. The ability to modify applications while in use becomes increasingly critical to keep pace in a highly competitive environment. Headquarters’ board has indicated that the approval of investment projects greater than 1 million USD in new affiliates in LATAM require the approval of 2 local Directors followed by the positive review by the Regional Director. Previously, the local Financial Dir approved locally and communicated to the Regional office. Also, all investment requests in-flight must follow the new process. While this simple business change is a challenge for a Model driven App, with AgileXRM, a new version of the investment requests process will include the new approval requirement and then migrate all running instances of the previous version to the new one. Fast, easy and in Compliance.
  • Does Power Platform have Resilient Execution?
    What if there is a blackout or an internet outage after you had completed step 39 of your city council building permit application? AgileXRM is session persistent. If the connection is lost while a process is running, the browser will resume in the same point where it was left before and maintaining the information.
  • Can’t you sleep peacefully being a Data Steward?
    How do you ensure that data management is correctly done in your business? Do you track that the change has been effective? … and what is the impact on ongoing processes that were using the previous data value? Is the data change applicable immediately or does it depend on certain rules or events -i.e. next Monday, when the signed agreement is received, when the previous batch expires, etc- " In AgileXRM: any data change is managed by a process that validates If, When and How that data can be modified " That’s one of the many uses of Agile Dialogs in AgileXRM: any data change is managed by a process that validates If, When and How that data can be modified by checking what impact it may have on other running or planned processes. In addition, it also tracks who changes what, when and how, and very importantly, ensures that the rules to apply the change are followed as defined by the business. Agile Dialogs, a synchronous engine for Inbound and Outbound Scripts for Contact Centers or Help-Desks, B2C Self-service processes, Trouble-shooting wizards, How-to guides and the like.
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