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License Calculator

Estimate the price of your AgileXRM Subscription

AgileXRM SMB Edition

The SMB Edition is aimed at organizations with up to 250 employees.
Starting a minimum configuration for:

  • Up to 50 Named Users

  • 1 Process Modeler

  • 1 4-Core Production server

  • 1 2-Core Non/Production

There are 3 types of AgileXRM User:

  • Process Modeler: Only required by the DEV team (and not end users). Also requires a Microsoft Visio Plan 2 license (not included)

  • Named User:  Each company user that interacts with the business process needs this license. Additionally, each of them requires the corresponding Dataverse license (i.e. Microsoft Power Apps Premium license or a Dynamics 365 App license for any of the former Customer Engagement Apps)

  • External User: Users that are external to the company but are involved in the business processes, can be enabled with the AgileXRM External Connector License. This connector also enables Anonymous users. 

AgileXRM is available with 
Annual Commitment terms (Option A) or  Monthly Commitment terms (Option B).

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Please contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about AgileXRM licensing and pricing

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