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Add Super Powers to the
Microsoft Power Platform

Low-Code Dialogs and Business Process Management
Citizen Developers

More No-Code than Low-Code, so even more people in the organization can easily use it to create and manage their Apps


Guided processes that simplify any interaction with the system for both Internal or External users.

Self-Service, Contact-Center Scripting, Surveys etc.


Runtime Process Management


Change processes as needed.

Migrate a running process to a new version on-the-fly.

Adapt to changing business requirements instantly

Above the Clouds

Azure Cloud, ...what else?

AgileXRM runs on Azure ensuring

Security, Scalability and Performance

as your organization's needs grow

Fr Datavese

Natural Design


Design your end-to-end processes in a logical and natural way creating models that everyone understands and no one needs to interpret. What you model is what you run as well as what you monitor and manage. 

AgileXRM purchase request dialgog

Power to the Platform

  • Visually model end-to-end business processes and dialogs

  • Contact-center grade powerful dialogs

  • Visually monitor the execution of business processes 

  • Manage processes at run-time

  • Involve any user, inside or outside the organization, to participate in business processes

  • Measure and improve efficiency by controlling the performance of business processes

  • Adapt to change with agility enabling business Users to respond to changing requirements

Embedded process in Power Apps
Think Big
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